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I am a visionary, modern day shaman, transformational wellbeing coach, close soul and a guide for women on the path to a happy and fulfilling life. I help women with finding the way to deeper meaning of their lives so they can fully bloom into their potential, live from their hearts and experince life full of vitality, wellbeing, happiness, meaning and inner joy.




I invite you to work with me. I will guide you, coach you, inspire and empower you and help your transformation into next level of your well being as a wonderful, beautiful and powerful woman.
After our work, the most important areas of your life will be set up so that you can experience the maximum potential of your inner well-being and fulfillment and at the same time

Create. Inspire others. Have an impact.
Grow and Share.




A lot of things from the outside can make you happy. But if you are not connected to who you came here to be, your inner voice will still whisper to you to turn inward. To discover how to love and trust yourself. How to give energy where your passion is and be able to create abundance, which is your birthright. How to function as a woman connected to her female essence and at the same time be in your full power. How to open up to your sensuality, joy and fulfilling sexuality. How to maintain great health and vitality. How to have loving relationships. How to live according to universal spiritual laws, such as the law of attraction or abundance. How to follow your heart more. How to shine. And how to fall in love with life!

I offer a comprehensive process that I have created for the holistic transformation of especially women so that they can live the life of their dreams. In my work I connect spiritual wisdom (ancient yoga and tantric systems and shamanism) and the latest scientific knowledge in the field of transformation of the human being.

3 months, 12 sessions lasting 90 minutes, price 26,500 CZK.
(individual agreement in setting the frequency of meetings is possible)

I also offer individual session / consultation, price 2500 CZK for 90 minutes

"Once you let go of your false identity, which is made up of limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits, your whole life will change because you will truly become yourself. A radiant, powerful, loving and vital woman, whom nothing can stop on the path to her dreams. Because she knows she can have everything she wants."



I look forward to any of your questions. I offer a FREE consultation on your situation via email.

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